As a contractor in the restoration or building industry you need

a hands-free system to keep strong leads coming while

you do the work to keep your current customers happy. We found that all the marketing

in the world is not effective if you don't have a good online reputation.

Check out our Lead Success Plan that bring the elements

together to guarantee your amplified success.

  • Our expertise utilized for online marketing to secure traffic to you.

    Our network of resources may include research, sites, directories, social proof, and content syndication.

  • We will create several styles of professional videos to highlight the business and its success as told by you and others.

    The first week we will deliver a spokes-model video and an animated video

  • A dedicated phone number for you so that you can track the results.

    The leads that you get delivered to your phone are HOT

  • We will management a Google listing to make sure it is optimized, all possible categories are listed, and search results tracked

  • Your online perception will be enhanced with our 5-star review feature.

    We can reach out to your selected clients for feedback and when they reply it will post positive comments to places like Yelp and Google.

    This incredible system will allow the posting by the client with a click on their cell phone.

  • We will then syndicate these excellent testimonies and 5 star reviews to directories and relevant sites.

    So those that find you know they are getting a professional services provider

This is such a critical value to have because our digital network will produce

high quality EXCLUSIVE leads of people that need your services NOW

These prospects will know who you are, what you do and why people are impressed with you.

They have essentially been PRE-SOLD. Which will leave you smiling at your bottom line.

The total value of this system is over $5000 but the return of

investment month after month we can't put a price on it. Your return will keep growing!

See some past examples of the online products of our network including

Videos, websites, landing pages, and social media postings

Most people in your industry just need a chance to consistently get in front of clients.

We want to give you that chance. Within months you should be able to own the page when prospects search for you.

They will find listings, videos, reviews, comments, articles, maps and other searchable content.

With owning that page and search results you will future proof your business with positive examples of who you are.

The truth is this is how the big boys justify their higher prices.

It takes money to make money

This plan is not for everybody. We are very successful working with local businesses

that have a quality, sought after product, average ticket is over $1 000, and they have a high conversion short sales cycle.

If you meet those qualifications, you cannot go wrong with this deal.

We do all the marketing and our system generate reports so you can see the proof of your results.

We customize the system for you and your goals. The system starts at $ 1000 for set up and the monthly cost will be determined by your goals.

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Product By: G Connect Marketing